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I’m a professional Beauty and Portrait photographer from Ukraine, based in Kiev. I mainly specialize in Beauty, but I’m also a big fan of Travel and Fine Art (mainly composites) photography. I wasn’t born a photographer and I cannot tell you a story of how my father bought me a camera when I was 2 and that I’ve been shooting since then. But photography has been my main hobby since 2005.

I never thought that I would become a professional photographer one day, actually I always wanted to get a Nobel Prize. That’s why I’ve got Master’s Degree in Genetics and even worked on human neural stem cells for some time, but then Obama got a Nobel Prize and I’ve realized that you don’t have to be a scientist to get one, so I’ve decided to drop science in favour of photography. If I hadn’t done so, humanity would probably have beaten cancer and had the recipe for immortality by now, but honestly I’d rather be shooting than spending my whole life in an underground lab slicing frozen brains 😀


Since then I’ve become member of Federation of European Photographers, Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographer and National Society of Photo Artists
of Ukraine, which you can tell by those rather modest stamps at the top of this page and an even more modest list of my credentials at the bottom of this page.

So if you’re looking for a photographer who’s attentive to details, dedicated, responsible, knows how to “fix this in photoshop” and make you 20 years younger and 20 pounds lighter, with whom you can even discuss the latest trends in science and GMO – you’ve just found the right person!

Make sure to check my gallery first to get an impression of my work and then drop me a message 🙂



Exhibitions and Contests


– Diploma in international contest “Kid’s Planet”, Ukraine

– Golden Medal in international contest Trierenberg Super Circuit 2016, Austria

– Silver and Bronze medals at international contest Trierenberg Super Circuit 2015, Austria

– Group exhibition at Al-Thani Awards 2014, Qatar

– Publication at “Collection of Masterpieces 2014″ book, Qatar

– Merit award at  “FEP COMPETITION 2015: Awards for single images”

– Honourable Mention in Moscow International Foto Awards, 2014

– Made it to the Top 10 Portrait photographers in “FEP COMPETITION 2014”

– First place in ILLUSTRATIVE/FINE ART/DIGITAL ART, second place in LANDSCAPE, second place in PORTRAIT in “FEP COMPETITION 2014: Awards for single images”

– Group exhibition dedicated to the City Day of Odessa, “Good Evening, Odessa”, 2014

– 1st place in a local contest “Odessa is my favourite city” conducted by Odessa City Council Department of Culture and Tourism, 2014

– Group exhibition dedicated to Maidan and Ukraine held in Gondrin, France, 2014

– 3rd place in Fine Art: Collage in international contest One Eyeland Awards 2013

– 3rd place in internation contest held by AdMe.ru, 2014

– Group exhibition “Odessa incognita” as part of III Odessa biennale of contemporary art, Ukraine, 2013

– Group exhibition “Dream On”, Kiev, Ukraine

– Group exhibition “The Story of the Creative”, Angel Orensanz Foundation, New-York, USA

– Personal exhibition “Cosmos”, Odessa, Ukraine, 2013

– 3rd place in Landscape category among professionals in “Golden Camera 2012″ international contest, Ukraine

– Honorable mention in “Shot of the Year 2012″ contest. Odessa, Ukraine

– Group exhibition during “Odessa Photography Festival” for Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odessa, Ukraine, 2011

– Two photos nominated in “5th Annual Photography Masters Cup” international contest, 2011

– 1st place in category “Sweden” in “Palette of Scandinavia 2010″ contest

– Commended in “Vision-09″ contest

– 2nd place in Landscape category in “My best photo 2009″ international contest by Epson

– Took part in group exhibition “PhotoExpo” in Moscow, Russia

– Honorable Mention in “29th Annual Spring Photography Contest” held by pfmagazine.com

– 3rd place in “ABANDONED” international contest held by www.photoforum.com

– Winner of “Photosight Calendar 2008″ contest held by www.photosight.ru

– Winner of “Magic of Water” contest held by www.mirovoefoto.ru

– 1st place in “Luna” contest held by “Photomasterskaya” magazine and Rambler-Foto.ru


Publications in magazines:

Advanced Photoshop (UK), Arqute (RU),  Digital Photo (RU), Digital Photographer (RU), Digital Photo&Video (BG), Digital Foto&Video Camera (UA), Dreamingless (UK), Visual Artistry (US), Raygun Revival (US)